Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cell Phone Service, Phone Booths & 911

1) A new cell phone tower has been installed on Wild Oat Mountain which is the hill that at the North end of the lake. We watched the installation this last winter and have been eagerly anticipating what company or companies are going to use it.

The word I hear on our little streets is that AT&T, Cricket, and T-Mobile will install their cell services on this tower. I can only hope that it includes the data (internet) services, too, especially for AT&T. The proposed date for installation is early spring 2011. I'm sorry to say that I have heard conflicting reports about Verizon but I will continue to keep my ear to the ground for any further information this cell tower.

In addition to this cell tower, Sprint/Nextel and Alltel have their own service/cell tower in the area.

2) We know have only one phone booth in the Park, having the second one removed this last fall. The increase in cell service and our Wifi understandably led to this decision to remove one of our "historical landmarks." Ha!

3) Did you know that even if you don't have cell service on your phone, i.e., "no service," you can reach 911 as long as there is some carrier's service available? For example: Here at the Park if you (currently) have Verizon you won't have service, but because Sprint works here you can reach 911? I have seen proof of this in for myself. Always good to know when traveling!