Sunday, April 26, 2009

There Are Two Blogs

I'm still working hard on reservations and the entire summer schedule. And in between I'm getting alot of feedback about the website, the LakeCam and the "blog." And the comment I hear the most about the "blog" is that I need to update it more. So I guess I'm at the point of a little explanation.

There are two blogs! This one, "Topaz Lake RV Park," is for business notices, general info and whatnot. It is updated as needed with information that I think our customers should know. The second blog, "The Daily Topaz" is updated more often with a photo and story about life at Topaz Lake & the Park. There are links to both blogs from the Park website and you can find a link to each blog from each blog in the right hand column. ---->>>>

I hope this explanation helps.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reservation Openings

Well, we sent out a mailer over the last week to everyone who has enjoyed our little RV Park in the last several years. It was huge! And I am exhausted! But the response to the mailer has been enjoyable and we are getting alot of calls for reservations. Don't stop calling! But this blog is about business, so time to get down to business.

All reservations that can be made at this time with the openings that we had available are done. All remaining requests continue to be on a Wait List. As openings become available, then I will continue to work from the Wait List to fill the openings. I don't not call customers to give status updates (impossible!), but if you have questions you are welcome to contact us. Otherwise if you have any questions/changes about your reservation(s) - you know what to do - contact us.

The following generally addresses the openings we have this season.

April: Openings available.... why aren't you here fishing?
May: Openings available.... Seriously, the fish are biting. Limited availability for Memorial Day Weekend.
June: Limited availability entire month, especially last two weeks, for daily reservations. Some nice sites are available, though. Wait List for monthly requests but with good possibilities. Summer season starts 6/19/09 and the lake is at it's highest point in June and the fishing is good!
July: Limited availability first week of July. Wait List for last three weeks of July for all daily and monthly requests. A very busy month - get your requests in now.
August: Wait List first two weeks of the month with availability the later part of the month before the holiday. Especially between the dates of 8/22 - 9/1.
September: Labor Day Weekend has limited availability. The summer season ends after Labor Day. Openings available after Labor Day until we close a month later in the first week of October. Perfect, perfect month for retired couples to vacation!

What are you waiting for?

UPDATE! 5/6/09: Our customers are really starting to think about their vacations and reservations. Over the last month we have alot of changes in the form of cancellations and reservations. I have worked on another round of reservation requests and the following is an update for the availability we have at this point.

May: There is still availability in this month, though weekends are getting full. Memorial Day Weekend is full with a short wait list.
June: Limited availability throughout the month for daily reservations. One site only remains for a monthly reservation.
July: Very limited availability the first week of July. There are no weekend sites available at this time for the holiday, but I am taking requests. The 2nd week of July (11th to 18th) has a few very nice sites open that are up for grabs! The 3rd week of July (18th to 25th) & 4th week of July (25th to 1st) is full with a wait list. There are no monthly sites available right now and I'm still trying to accommodate a short wait list for monthly requests.
August: The first week of August (1st to 8th) has very limited options (2?). The 2nd week (8th to 15th) has zero, "0", nothing available at this time with a healthy wait list. The 3rd week (15th to 22nd) has more possibilities. And, as before, the last week and just before Labor Day Weekend has many nice sites still available.
September: Labor Day Weekend is starting to fill up and openings remain after the holiday weekend for daily and monthly requests until we close after the first week of October.

Questions? Want a reservation? Call us and get your request in!