Monday, February 14, 2011

Keep Us Updated on Your Changes

I'm working on reservations for the 2011 season right now and I think it is a good time to remind all of our customers to keep us updated on vehicle changes that might affect your reservation with us. For example if you change any of the following:

1) The type of RV you have, i.e., New motorhome, trailer, 5th wheel, truck and camper.
2) The length of your RV! I've had a few customer show up for their scheduled reservation in larger/longer RV's than the previous year, but their new RV doesn't fit into their site. This is a very distressing situation we need to avoid.
3) Any new, different, additional watercraft that we are not aware of since the previous year (or at all.) Almost 75% of our customers own watercraft and we need to plan ahead 100% of the time to accommodate for needed dock space and buoys. However, even with that, our policy is "first come, first serve" if the # of scheduled arrivals of watercraft exceeds the space available. So if you don't tell us about your new watercraft(s), your request goes to the bottom of the list. (Watercraft = any type of boat or seadoo type craft.)
4) Additional tow trailers such as ATV trailers. Throughout the summer, additional parking space is limited and we do plan ahead for your arrival and parking available.
5) Visitors that you have invited that are bringing their own watercraft. All visitors must check in at the office for dock space assignment. All reserved guest requests are accommodated before any visitor requests.

Time has changed what our customers can afford to bring on their vacation. However, the size of our Park has not changed. With a little pre-planning together, we can still make any changes work to the best of our ability. But that only starts when you pick up the phone and call us.