Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reservations Update 2011

The reservation requests have been completed through the end of July as of now and we are busy confirming August reservations right now.

Availability is as follows:
6/18 thru 6/24:  Limited availability for days here and there.  There are not any one week reservations available for this time period.
6/25 thru 7/1:  Same as above.

7/2 thru 7/8:  There are only a few sites left for the full week and the length of your RV will determine if you can fit into those sites.  There are no sites available from 7/1 thru the holiday, 7/4.
7/9 thru 7/15:  There are more sites available this week than any other week of July.  Enough to accommodate a small group of RVs even!  There is limited availability for the weekend of 7/8 to 7/10 or extended weeks from 7/6 thru 7/15.
7/16 thru 7/22:  At this time, we are 100% full for all weekly requests.  All requests have been accommodated to date.  Any new weekly requests would be on a wait list.  There are only two sites left for a partial week.
7/23 thru 7/29: There are only a few sites available for this week.  There is not any sites available for the weekend of 7/22 to 7/24 or the weekend of 7/29 to 7/31.

7/30 thru 8/5 and 8/6 thru 8/12 we are awaiting confirmations, but I fully expect to have limited sites available the first week, and more the 2nd week.  I am still taking requests for these weeks.
8/13 thru 8/19:  There are plenty of sites available for reservations.
8/20 thru 8/27 and up to Labor Day weekend:  There are plenty of sites available for reservations.

Labor Day weekend:  has limited availability.
9/6 to 10/7:  Still a lot of nice sites available for our last month of the season.  Fishing is expected to be good this September as the lake will still be very full.